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Welcome to A lot of Beautiful, Yoga Lifestyle for Everyone, a multifaceted site offering services for Yoga instruction in the New York/ Long Island area (private, group, corporate, and specialized workshops) and a vast pool of knowledge about real health; things a lot of people aren't conventionally taught that are massively vital to our well-being.

In the Beautiful Lifestyle Section, our blogs offer up health tips, options to go green and daily bits of philosophy and advice to assist in beautifying life. Its Gorgeous Food blog explains the benefits of buying organic, lists tried-and-true recipes, and exposes you to healthy, delicious choices for your family and you! In Le Lovely Shoppe, you're given easy access to chemical-free beauty and personal products, inspiring books and many other things that have struck me as wonderful over the years.

Live, love, explore and enjoy because there is A LOT of beautiful in this world, and your curiosity is the biggest step to uncovering it all!


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