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Hi. My name is Amanda DiGiovanna and I’m a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor, offering one on one private yoga sessions in the Long Island/ New York City area. With a deep understanding of energetic principles, various anatomical and physiological situations and health in general I get great results for my students.

The way Yoga was originally intended to be taught, was with one teacher and one student. While group classes can be a wonderful way to practice, without being taught personalized alignment prior, repetitive stressful movement can cause injury to your joints and muscles. By practicing with a teacher one on one you will be safely guided through poses with attention to you and your specific needs.

“Just as your fingerprints are different than anyone else's in the world, yoga stretches and exercises you do need to be personalized to have the maximum effect.”-Varona

Every student I work with is on his or her own journey to reach unique goals in unique bodies.

The most important point to be made about yoga!

Yoga is for everyone! It doesn't matter if you can't remember the last time you worked out or even if you’re convinced you can't get back into good shape, lose weight or increase your flexibility. Personal yoga sessions can work for you!

Students typically report an amazing list of physical benefits including: their blood pressure decreasing, flexibility and balance increasing, posture improving, ability to sleep improving, sexual drive improving, strength and energy levels increasing, their immune system getting stronger, and weight normalizing.

Even more remarkably, if you have dis-ease in the body, whether it be health, injury, or age related, yoga has been scientifically proven to aid your body in naturally healing itself. Many physical therapists suggest private yoga lessons being well aware of its healing power.

People come to yoga for many different reasons to heal an injury, lose weight, gain strength, flexibility, coordination, or peace of mind. Whatever your reason, you’ll be sure to gain many benefits from a regular yoga practice!

YES, you will relieve stress, restore your sense of awe, and find balance in life!

YES, you will gain flexibility, strength and a renewed sense of well-being!

YES, you will tap into a deep and confident self-awareness!

YES, you will have more energy, motivation and focus!

Call me to book a session today! (516) 279-3359

By practicing with me one on one, you’ll find your transition into a regular practice occurs quickly and safely which allows you to go deeper and learn profound things about yourself!

Before we meet at your home, yoga studio, or office in Long Island or NYC; and begin this life-changing journey, we will talk on the phone so I can understand your personal goals and learn more about your current health.

After our conversation I will send you a packet in the mail containing necessary forms, a questionnaire outlining what you’re looking for, goals, areas of concern, and a few questions to help locate aspects of your life where you may be looking for more balance. Your packet will also include a pamphlet outlining general information about yoga and instructions on how to prepare for our first session together.(Or you can download your new-student materials here and save some trees!)

This way we can jump right in to your first class, that’s tailored especially for you.
Classes can range from sweaty and physical to calming and meditative. Either way, with my deep understanding of anatomical structures and energetic principals, I will navigate you through a class that will bring you towards optimal balance in the body and mind.
All sessions will end with 10 minutes of relaxation poses and a mini-thai massage, if you prefer.

However our paths join, I’d be so honored to take part in your journey!


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