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Community Classes
Alot of Beautiful, Yoga Lifestyle for Everyone
is proud to announce new Community Yoga Classes. (Sign Up for Classes Free Here) There will be a full schedule of classes open to all on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please check our schedule below and descriptions to find out what kind of classes we will be holding and what times.

At Home Group Classes
If you'd prefer the convenience of having a few friends over your house and have a yoga teacher come over at a regularly scheduled time once a week, you are now able to divide the cost of private instruction among you and your friends. Group sessions carry on with the same structure of a personal private session only with themes that cater to the group as a whole.

Yoga Party
Have a yoga themed party! A yoga instructor will come to your house, give you a yoga class and then served a gourmet dinner, desserts and drinks to your guests.

For more information on our group services, or to book a session, please email or call (516) 279-3359


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