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When people tell me “I’m not good at yoga, I’m not flexible” I can’t help but laugh to myself a bit. It’s important for people to understand that the whole principle of yoga is the exact opposite of this mentality. Yoga is not a performing art that one must master; yoga is a tool to help heal your body by opening your body, and opening your mind.
Those people you see in class or on television doing ridiculous acrobatic fetes have been practicing yoga for years, and have become so open and flexible that these postures are the things they need to stretch even more.
The physical yoga postures are supplemented by a 3000 year old philosophy that benefits people of all backgrounds and religions. It helps you to become happier with life, and its advice has been so effective that it still applies to human communities 3000 years later!

My teaching philosophy is catering an approach around your needs using specific postures and adjustments to realign your musculature and introduce you to broad ideas that will help you recognize the peace always inherent within yourself.

I structure lessons in multiple layers. We’ll move through postures with energetic principles in mind, so you're left feeling calm and relaxed.

I choose postures for their health benefits, achieving toned muscles, detoxified organs, and increased flexibility.

I also incorporate valuable lessons that you'll find yourself coming back to over and over again in your life off the yoga mat.

And most importantly, I structure classes so you’ll leave with that glorious yoga BUZZZZ.

Perfect for the beginner looking to safely begin a yoga practice in a non-judgmental environment with a qualified instructor who will gladly “demystify” the yoga process for you.

Perfect for the experienced student looking to further his or her practice.
I’ll help you find the right tools for getting into the more complicated postures safely, and help strengthen your mind-body connection.

Our sessions can range from gentle and meditative, to restorative and therapeutic, to fiery and active. When we speak we can decide what will be best for you and your goals.

To book a session please email or call (516) 279-3359



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